The screening of the Armenian version of the popular-scientific movie “Ararat-Urartu Kingdom” by historian Artak Movsisyan took place in “Moscow” cinema on May 29.

The two-hour film presents the history of the creation of the state of Urartu, reference sources of this region and expansionist policy of Urartu kings. All these are supplemented  by the archaeological evidences, and Armenian and foreign scientists’ interpretations.

The film touches upon Urartu cuneiform, mythological and belief system, as well as the works of art created in the kingdom. Urartu state borders, directions of invasions of Urartian kings  and distribution of castles of strategic importance were presented through animated maps.  

The soundtrack of the film is created by Vahan Artsruni. The shooting took place in Armenia, Western Armenia and 30 historical sites of Iran for nearly  9 years. There were shootings in the British Museum, in the Archeological Museum of Urmia and in "Behistun" ancient-reserve, in the State Museum of History of Armenia, Yerevan History Museum, in  "Erebuni" Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve.

The interviews with 16 specialists of RA, the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iran and Turkey are presented in the film. They speak about the place and role of Ararat-Urartu in world civilization.


 It should be noted that the film will have its English, Russian, Turkish and Persian versions. The movie “Ararat-Urartu Kingdom” will be on TV and will be available on the Internet. 

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