Turkish scholar, theorist on Kurdish Issue Ismail  Beşikçi Kurdish politician, lawyer and human rights activist Osman Baydemir


The delegation of Turkish and Kurdish public figures and intellectuals visited Alma Mater during their visit to Armenia. On October 29 the teaching staff and students of YSU had the opportunity to get acquainted with Turkish famous intellectual Ismail  Beşikçi’s activities. The event was held in YSU Session Hall.  Ahead the national fourth congress of Western Armenians, “National Congress of Western Armenians” (NCWA) international NGO established a medal after  Catholicos of All Armenians George IV of Armenia, which will be given to  the authors, who deny  the theories  of Turkey's Genocide denial policy. Turkish  famous scholar Ismail  Beşikçi was  awarded this medal, who proved that the Armenian Genocide was committed in order to  annihilate the local population of Near East.

YSU rector Aram Simonyan delivered his opening speech during the event. He briefly introduced the social activities of the guests. Then, head of the council of “Ismail Beşikçi” foundation,  Kurdish lawer  Ruslan Arslan represented Ismail  Beşikçi’s research works, as well as his contribution to the protection of  the rights of national minorities.

 “During his life Ismail  Beşikçi wrote 38 books, 32 of which were banned. That is why the scholar  appeared in courts  for many times. He  was sentenced to 248 years of imprisonment, he spent 17 years in prison”,-said Ruslan Arslan. He added that Ismail  Beşikçi received many awards from USA, Europe, but  he refused all the awards stating that the scholar did not need any award. The only award he  accepted  was “Hrant Dink” international peace award.

 During the event Turkish scholar Ismail  Beşikçi spoke about the massacred nations in Near and Central Asia, as well as about  Turkish savage policy, its motives and consequences.

 “The Armenian Genocide was an important part of Turkish nationalists’ annihilation  project of Near Eastern population. The Turkish politicians realized that for the formation of a powerful   state there was a need to get rid of other nations living in their territory, i.e.  the Armenians and the Greeks who didn’t want to be assimilated with Christians and Muslims, the Kurds, who were Muslims, but not Turks and other nations. Today the same massacre is committed against the Kurds”,-said Ismail  Beşikçi. Ismail  Beşikçi has two books on the Armenian Genocide.

Kurdish politician, lawyer and human rights activist Osman Baydemir spoke about Ismail  Beşikçi’s activities. He represented the historical events and current regional and territorial issues. He mentioned that only mutual consent, respect and concession would ensure the  future. He offered to give positive impetus to the young people, of course without forgetting  the dark pages of the history.

At the end of the discussion Aram Simonyan gave golden medals, as well as “Armenians in Ottoman Turkey”  in Turkish and various albums  about Armenia  to Ismail  Beşikçi and Osman Baydemir.  

Osman Baydemir gave a souvenir from Diarbekir  to YSU rector, Ruslan Arslan gave some of his books  to YSU library and announced, that YSU library  would  be supplemented with all the  books by Ismail  Beşikçi. 

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