The monograph of Hasmik Stepanyan <<Contributions of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire>> was "Contributions of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire" by Hasmik Stepanyanpublished in 2011. The author presents the role of the Armenians in diplomacy, court, administration, judiciary and the army of the Ottoman Empire, as well as in banking and insurance system, science, architecture, urban development, trade, fine arts, medicine, economy, culture, crafts, music, sport and in other fields of the Empire. Printing, as well as translated Turkish literature in Armenian has had a direct impact on the formation of new Turkish literature and the generation of the enlighteners, as well as on the formation and development of the Turkish language, theater, dramaturgy and journalism.

The book is dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, which played a significant role in the survival of the Western Armenians.

The publication of the book in 300 copies was sponsored by the Premier Minister of Armenia. It was then republished in 2012 by YSU Publishing house in 400 copies. On May 29, 2012 H. Stepanyan was awarded by the RA President for <<The achievements both in the sphere of human development and values and in the field of humanities>>.


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