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 Philosophy in Armenia of Early Middle Ages. Armenian philosophical thought developed in two main directions. The first was the Christian direction that served to strengthen the position of the church, and the second was the secular philosophical direction which was connected with ancient heritage –Neo-Platonism. The outstanding representative of that philosophical school was Davit Anhaght (V-IV centuries). He brought into Armenian reality numerous ideas spread throughout the Greek world which were intertwined with the victorious Christian ideology in new conditions. An ancient, pagan worldview changed into medieval and Christian. Mathematician, cosmologist, naturalist Anania Shirakatsi also belonged to the secular direction of Armenian philosophical thought (VII). He is the founder of natural sciences in Armenia, the author of the first textbook of arithmetic. He is the author of the well-known “Ashkharatsuyts”. In the beginning of the VIII century Stepanos Syunetsi enriched the Armenian philosophical literature with his translations. In the early Middle Ages, the most advanced branches of science were also medicine, cosmology, history, geography and cartography.

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