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 Literature in late Mediaeval Armenia. Unlike other spheres of culture, literature was in the process of development in XV-XVI centuries. Collections «Sharaknots» (collection of Armenian church music), «Gandzaran» (Mediaeval manuscript of songs dedicated to Armenian religious holidays) and «Tagharan» (collection of taghs (type of a verse)) were still popular.

Collections called «Tagharan» were both a songbook and a book for reading. In theseNahapet Kuchak collections there were spiritual songs, as well as poems on love, nature, patriotism and other works on remarkable events. It’s not by chance that «Tagharan» compiled and published by Hakob Meghapart, had its significant role in the development ofArmenian printing.

In the fiction of this period new types of poems and songs appeared: literary works on ashugh literature (folk literature) and on homeland. The works by Arakel Syunetsi, Arakel Baghishetsi, Mkrtich Naghash (poets and writers on the first half of the XV century) are rich and diverse.

In XVI century cultural centers of Vaspurakan and Lesser Armenia were developed, Grigoris Aghtamartsi, Nahapet Kuchak, Hovasap and Tadeos Sebastatsi, Minas, Hakob and Stepanos Tokhatesti were prominent representatives of these cultural centers.


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