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 The heroic struggle of the Armenian people against Arab invaders was then headed by the sons of Smbat I, the king Ashot II the Iron (Ashot Yerkat-Երկաթ) (914-929) and Commander-in-Chief (Sparapet-սպարապետ) Abas. 

After the long and persistent fights they liberated the major part of Armenia. They evenAshot the Iron reached Tiflis and defeated the Arab army. 

Ashot II succeeded in restraining the rebelling houses of Artsakh and Utik, as well as his cousin Ashot Sparapet, who was appointed to the Armenian throne by the Caliphate. Ishkhan-իշխան Gevorg Marzpetuni was also singled out in the battle against the Arabs. 

After the victory in the battle of Sevan against Arab General Beshir in 921, Ashot II finally drove the enemy out from the country and strengthened the Bagratuni Kingdom.  Gagik Artsruni regretted about what de had done and accepted the Bagratids’ dominance. Ashot II then started to rebuild ruined cities and fortresses. 

Ashot the Iron was succeeded by  his brother Abas (929-953), whose residence was the fortress-city of Kars in Vanand province. Perhaps that was the reason that the capital was moved from Erazgavors to Kars which was thoroughly rebuilt. New palaces and the Holy Apostles Church  were built. Catholicosate was moved from Akhtamar to  Argina district in Shirak province, where talented architect Tiridates built the Holy Virgin Cathedral (Katoghike-Կաթողիկե):


                                                                                                                                                                      Katvalyan M. 

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