KHRIMYAN Hayrik (Armenian: Խրիմյան Հայրիկ), Mkrtich I Vanetsi, was born on April 4, 1820 in Van. Catholicos of All Armenians from 1892, public-political, cultural figure, member of the national-liberation movement. He succeeded Makar I Teghuttsi. Mkrtich Khrimyan studied at spiritual schools of Lim and Ktuts in Vaspurakan. In 1854, he was ordained a priest and in 1868 a bishop. In 1840-1860s Mkrtich Khrimyan was a teacher, founded a boarding school of Varagavank (1857) and gymnasium adjacent to  St. Karapet Monastry of Mush(1862). He published periodicals Artsvi Vaspurakan (meaning Eagle of Vaspourakan) (1855) and “Artsvik Tarono” (meaning Eagle of Taron) (1863).

Mkrtich Khrimyan was honored with the name “Hayrik” (meaning Father”). 1856-1862 he was the abbot of Varagavank and St. Karapaet monastery of Mush, spiritual leader of Taron in 1862-1868 and the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople in 1869-1873 (he resigned because of the pressure of Ottoman authorities). 

As the head of the Armenian delegation at the Berlin Conference (1878), he visited the Great Powers’ (Italy, France, England, Germany) officials, represented a report compiled by the patriarchate, hoping to resolve the Armenian issue diplomatically. Disappointed by the results he shifted to national-liberation struggle. 

In 1879 he became the spiritual leader of Vaspurakan, established Agriculture College in 1880. 

He supported the creation and activities of the secret national-liberation organizations, such as: “Sev Khach” of Van, “Pashtpan Hayrenyats” of Karin. As a result of it Khrimyan Hayrik was called back to Constantinople and was exiled to Jerusalem by the Turkish government after the demonstration of Gum-Gapu on July 15, 1890. 

In 1895 he moved to Saint Petersburg, met Tsar Nicholas II and appealed to carry out the promised reforms in the Western Armenia.   

During the massacres of the Western Armenians in 1894-1896 Khrimyan Hayrik provided material assistance to refugees, created conditions for them to return to their homeland which was in danger of remaining without Armenians. 

Struggling against the law of the Tsarist government from June 12, 1903 on the confiscation of church property he ordered the diocesan leaders to disobey this decision.

Khrimyan Hayrik was the author of religious, philosophical, ethnographic works, etc. 

He died on October 29, 1907, in Vagharshapat. 

Many songs were dedicated to Mkrtich I Vanetsi. He was succeeded by Matthew II of Constantinople. 

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