KHAMPERYANTS Armenak (Sergei Khudyakov) was born on December 26, in 1901 in Mets Tagher village of Hadrut of Nagorno-Karabakh. In 1922 he graduated from the cavalry courses of qualification and improvement of commanders in Tbilisi. In 1931-1936 he graduated from Zhukovskii Military Air Academy of Moscow. 

From December 1917 he served as a volunteer in the Red Guards. In 1918 Khamperyants particpated in the defense of Baku (he took the name and surname of his deceased  commander S.A.Kudyakov). During the civil war in Ukraine he was a platoon and squadron commander. In 1924-1928 he was the head of the training regiment, in 1928-1931 Chief of staff of Cavalry Regiment, in 1936-1937 Operations Chief of staff of the Air Brigade in Belarus, in 1937-1938 Operations Chief of staff of the Air Force, in 1938-1940 Head of the Front Air Force and in 1940-1941 Chief of staff of the Belarusian Special Military District Air Force. During World War II (1941-1945) he was the chief of staff of the Western Military Front Air Force, in February, 1942 chief of Air force, from May 1942 chief of staff of the Red Army's Air Force, from June  commander of the 1st Air Army and from May, 1943 chief of staff and deputy commander of the Red Army's Air Force.

Under the command of Khamperyants aviation units took part in the attacks of the Western Front. In 1943 he coordinated the aviation of Voronezh and steppe Fronts in the battles of Kursk and Dnieper. In 1945, as a member of the Soviet delegation, he partcipated in Yalta (Crimea) Conference. From June 1945 he was the commander of the 12th Air Army, took part in the defeat of the Japanese troops in the East. Khamperyants was the victim of the cult of personality. He was arrested in 1945. 

Kamperyants was a Marshal of the Soviet Union (1944). He was awarded the Medal of Red Banner of Labor, the medal of Lenin, Order of the Red Star.

A. Khamperyants was shot on April 18, 1950 in Moscow. Posthumously he was acquitted.

Source- Biographical Encyclopedia "Who is Who Armenians", Volume I, Yerevan, 2005.

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