KRPEYAN Tatul (Armenian: Կրպեյան Թաթուլ) was born in the village Areg (nowadays in Aragatsotn region) on April 21, 1965. He finished the secondary school in the same village. 1984-1985 he served in the Soviet Army. In 1987 Krpeyan entered the Faculty of History of Yerevan State University. From the autumn 1987 Tatul joined the organization "Miatsoom" (Unification) and in 1990 he became the member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). 

From September 1990 he was a teacher at Getashen school. He was the commander of Armenian paramilitary units in Getashen-Martunashen. Krpeyan was killed on April 30, 1991 in Getashen (Shahumyan region). After his death Krpeyan received the National Hero of Armenia title in 1996 and order “Hayrenik”. Some organizations and schools in Areg village and town Kovkasakan (Kashatagh province in NKR), as well as a street in Talin, auditorium in the faculty of History of YSU were named after Tatul Krpeyan.  There is also a scholarship after his name. In 1993 a brochure “Tatul” of Krpeyan’s poems was published.

Tatul Krpeyan is buried in Areg village. There is a monument built from tuff dedicated to him. 

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