Soghomon Tehlirian (Armenia: Սողոմոն Թեհլերյան) was born in Nerkin Bagarij  village of Daranagh province of Erzrum in 1896. He was the member of the national-liberation movement and national avenger. In 1912 he graduated from the Getronagan (Central) Lyceum of Constantinople. In 1913 Tehlirian left for Europe to continue his education but after the start of the WW I he returned to Armenia. He joined the army and fought in the regiment of Andranik. After being injured in the battle in 1918, he moved to Tiflis, then to the Northern Caucasus. In 1919 Tehlirian left for Istambul. He was enrolled in “Nemesis” operation. In 1919-20 the perpetrators of the Genocide of Armenians, the Young Turks, including the Minister of Interior affairs Talaat were sentenced to death in absentia. For carrying out the sentence of Talaat, Tehlirian pursued him in different countries and finally on March 15, in 1921 assassinated him in Berlin. Under the pressure of Europe’s progressive society Berlin court acquitted Tehlirian and the German press demanded to open a criminal case against the German ambassador in Turkey H. Wangenheim for his involvement in the massacre of Armenians in Turkey.

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