SILIKOV (SILIKYAN) Movses was born on September 26, in 1862 in the village of Vardashen (Nukhi region of Elizavetpol province). Military leader, Major-General of the Russian Army (22. 08.1917). He graduated from Moscow military collage in 1882, from the 3rd Alexandrov Military College in 1884 and infantry officer school in 1904. From 1884 Silikyan served in the Russian army. In 1914 he was a soldier in Yerevan and assistant of commandant. Silikyan took part in World War I (1914-1918, on the Caucasian front). In 1915 he was the commander of the infantry regiment, in 1916 led the detachment of Van, was singled out by brave actions during the capture of Mush, Bitlis, after the capture of Erzrum he was appointed commandant of the city.

For military deeds he was awarded many Orders. 

After the collapse of the Caucasian Front Silikov resigned, but in January 1918 was appointed commander of the 1st Infantry Division of the Armenian army, and then of Yerevan regiment. In May 1918, occupying Alexandropol, Turkish troops attacked on Yerevan, Silikov took overall command of the regular troops and home guard. In May 1918, he defeated the Turkish army in the battles of Sardarapat and Bash Aparan, prevented their further progress. Marshal Hovhannes Baghramyan described Silikyan as "the most talented Armenian generals of that times. In the fall of 1920 Silikyan was the commander of the Armenian troops in Kars-Alexandropol front, tried to restrain the promotion of enemy forces, but failed. In 1937 he was unreasonably arrested and shot, but was posthumously justified.

Source- Biographical Encyclopedia “Who is Who” Volume 2, p. 456  

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