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 Nagorno Karabakh. Mass media. The first periodical in Nagorno Karabakh was “Haykakan Ashkharh (1874). Then the journal “Gorts” (1882-84), “Azatagrakan handes” (1896), “Karabakh” newspaper (1911-12), “Shushaniki listok” weekly (1911), “Shushinskaya Jizhn” (1913-14), “Tsiatsan” (1916) literary journals, “Paylak” (1915-17), “Netsuk” (1917), “Artsakh” (1919), “Nor Kyank” (1919) were published, etc.

Several periodicals continued to be published after 1920. The state media was “Karabakh Geghjuk” (“Azat Artsakh since 1998), “Kayts” journal was published in 1929 (№ 5). In 1934-1941 the regional newspaper “Yeritasard Bolshevik” and “Sovetsky Karabakh” (1941-1958) (in Russian) were published in Stepanakert. Regional newspapers, such as “Jraberd”, “Dizak”, “Amaras”, “Khachen”, “Shushi” have been publishing in Nagorno Karabakh since 1932. Newspaper “Metaksagorts” has been publishing since 1958, journals “Artsakh” since 1989, “Ply Pughi” since 1991 and newspaper “Yeghitsi luys” since 1995. 

Regional radio is operating since 1928. From 1960 till May of 1988 the NK accepted the TV programs of USSR and Azerbaijan. In 1988 USSR state TV and Radio allowed NKAO to create its TV studio. It was created by the help of experts and resources provided by the Republic of Armenia. In February 1990, its work was terminated by the order commandant and was restored in May 1992, after the liberation of Shushi. NKR TV and Radio has been operating since 2002. 

 Source-Encyclopedia "Karabakh Liberation War 1888-1994", Yerevan, 2004.
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