Khosrov III the Small: the defensive power, as well as the economy and the town building of Armenia developed during the reign of Tiridates III and his son and KhosrovIII the Smallsuccessor Khosrov III the Small (330-338).  

The governor of Tsopk, notorious superintendent Arkeghayos  killed Catholicos Aristaces and fled to the borders of the Empire. Aristakeces’s disciples buried him in the Til town of Yekeghyats province in Greater Armenia.  His brother Vrtanes I Partev (333-341) became Catholicos. As the Metsamor brook of Yeraskh changed its flow and many bogs appeared near Artashat,  Khosrov began to improve city of  Dvin which is situated not far from the capital and founded the Royal court there. He ordered to plant oak trees along the road leading from Garni castle to Dvin.  One part of the forest is called “Temple Cedar”, the other “Khosrovakert” (Eng. Khosrov Forest, Arm: Խոսրովի անտառ) that stretches to Yeraskh. The King ordered to bring animals and beasts for hunting and leisure. Those were the first artificial forests in the world.

This peaceful and prosperous situation was interrupted by King of Mazkuts Sanesan who declared himself Arshakuni. He invaded Armenia, caused destructions, reached to Ayrarat and occupied Vagharshapat in 335. The Commander of the Armenian Army Vache Mamikonyan drove mazkut troops out of Vagharshapat, and then defeated them in a battle near Mount Tsluglukh in Oshakan. The head of Sanesar was brought to Kosrov the Small, thus taking revenge on the murder of  Bishop Gregoris.

In 336 Sassanid Army invaded Armenia. The Armenian King assigned the Ministry of Bznuniq Databen to resist the enemy. But Databen as well as the bdeshkh of Aghdzniq Bakur turned out to be traitors. The Armenian Army headed by Sparapet (Eng. Commander-in-Chief, Arm: սպարապետ) Vache Mamikonyan defeated the Persian Army. Databen and Bakur were sentenced to death. According to the law passed by the King the Ministers were to stay with the King and none of them had right to be the part of the Royal Army. 

   The Sassanid King Shapur II (309-379) broke Mtsbin peace treaty and declared a war to the Roman Empire in 337. Unable to occupy Mtsbin the Persians attacked Armenia. The Armenian Army headed by Vache Mamikonyan opposed the enemy. Both sides suffered great losses. Vache Mamikonyan and his several companions in arms were killed. Nevertheless, the enemy’s army was driven out from the country. Catholicos Vrtanes passed a law according to which the memory of Vache Mamikonyan and his companions in arms should be celebrated every year in Armenia and those who sacrificed their lives for their homeland should be among the St. Martyrs. Later Vardan Mamikonyan and those who were killed in the battle of Avarayr were numbered among the Saints. 

   King Khosrov appointed Artavazd, the son of Vache Mamikonyan, Sparapet. As Artavazd was still young, Ishkhan (Arm: իշխան) of Shirak Arshavir Kamsarakan and Andovk Syuni undertook the throne obligations up to his maturity. 



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