KARABAKH”  COMMITTE was formed in May, 1988.  It headed the struggle of the Armenian people for the reunification of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) with Armenia. The creation of the “Karabakh” Committee was  initiated by Igor Muradyan, an employee of the institute of Economics at NAS RA.  Members of the Committee were Babken Ararktsyan, H. Galstyan, S. Gevorgyan, R. Ghazaryan, S. Ghazaryan, A. Hakobyan, V. Manukyan, A. Manucharyan, V. Siradeghyan, D. Vardanyan, L. Ter-Petrosyan. It organized and led thousands of people's protests and demonstrations.  The goal was to draw the attention of the central authorities to the fair demand of the Armenian people on the unification of Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. The “Karabakh” Committee has gained great reputation and trust among the people of Armenia. During Armenian SSR Supreme Council elections on October-November 1988 and August 1989, the members of “Karabakh” Committee Ter-Petrosyan, A. Manucharyan and R. Ghazaryan were elected as deputies.  

From December 1988 to January 1989, all members of the committee were arrested and detained in different prisons in Moscow.  The people waged a wide struggle for their release. In April-May 1989, members of the "Karabakh" Committee were released and took over the leadership of the Karabakh Movement again.

The Committee expanded the program of the movement, included the issues related to the democratic freedom in the country, the expansion of sovereignty of the republic (as well as the establishment of an independent statehood), re-evaluation of the historical past, improvement of the living standards, the expansion of the role of the Armenian language and the development of Armenian schools.  The Pan-Armenian National Movement social-political organization was created on the initiative of the "Karabakh" Committee to accomplish these tasks. Almost all the members of the "Karabakh" Committee were included in its structure.

After the Declaration of Independence of RA (1991), the Karabakh Committee was split because of internal ideological and political disagreements, and a number of its members also left the Pan-Armenian National Movement forming a new social-political organization.

Source- Encyclopedia "Karabakh Liberation War 1888-1994", Yerevan, 2004.


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