Gevorg Chaush, Sarhat (Gazaryan Gevorg) was born in 1870 in the village Mktenk (Psank province of Sasun). He was a member of national-liberation movement, fedayee and party member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.  Chavush received his education in Mush's Arakelots monastery's school (1886-88): In 1880s he was in the Arabo’s fedayee group. 1890-94 he cooperated with Mihran Tamatyan and Hampartsum Boyajian (Mets Murad). Chaush participated in the self-defense battles of Sasun in 1891-94 (he was especially notable at the battle of Talvorik), was arrested and sentenced to jail in Bitlis, then in Mush. In 1896 he escaped from jail and joined Gurgen and Hrayr in Sasun. After the death of Aghbiur Serob (1899) he organized the assassination of traitor Ave and Khalil Bey. 1900-01 Gevorg participated in a number of battles (Berdak, Norashen, etc) that had an important role in the history of fedayee movement. In 1901, in November he headed the battle of Arakelots monastery, in 1904, the Sasun revolt (Commander of the southern front). After defeat, Gevorg Chaush moved to Van. However, after the Council of Aghtamar (1904, August) he returned Taron as a party leader of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. In 1905 Chaush participated (unsuccessfully) in the battles of Khars and Alvarindj. 1906-07 he cooperated with R. Ter-Minasyan. Chaush made great efforts to create Armenian-Kurdish cooperation. The fedayee battles headed by Gevorg Chaush (around 40) were well-organized and almost always ended in victory. 

Gevorg Chaush was the supporter of fedayee struggles, but never opposed the decisions of the revolt leaders. He was killed in the remarkable battle of Sulukh in 1907 and was buried in Mush. 

Gevorg Chaush is one of the prominent heroes of the Armenian national-liberation movement and many songs were dedicated to him. 

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