Hrayr Dzhoghk (Ghazaryan Armenak) was born in 1864 in Aharonk village (Khulp province of Sassoun). An Armenian national-liberation movement figure, fedayee. He studied at the school of Ghzleghatch village in Taron, at the school of St. Karapet monastery in Mush and at  Kedronakan collage of Mush. He was a teacher, got acquainted with the situation of Armenians in Sassoun and Taron, propagated the idea of Armenian liberation struggle. In 1891-1894, Hrayr Dzhoghk was one of the leaders of self-defense battles of Sassoun and stood out in the battle of Talvorik (1893). In the spring of 1894, հe left for the Caucasus to recruit volunteers and acquire weapons.

In 1895, Hrayr was in Romania and returned Armenia with 50 Armenian young volunteers (among them were Andranik and Aghbyur Serob). In 1896, he was arrested in Ishkhu village of Basen, was put to Karin prison and then was released on general amnesty. He returned Ghzlaghatch and set out to the organization of total rebellion. In 1903-1904, he participated in the self-defense battle of Sassoun. On April 13, 1904, when the Turkish prevailing forces attacked towards Gelieguzan, Hrayr tried to block their way with his friends, but was killed in the battle on April 13, 1904. Andranik’s soldiers who came to help buried Hrayr and the other victims in Gelieguzan. The people created many songs about Hrayr Dzhoghk. 



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