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 BERDZOR. THE LIBERATION OF BERDZOR: The city of Berdzor is the administrative center of Kashatagh region of NKR. It is located 50 km south-west from Stepanakert on the left bank of the river Hakari, on the western slope of Artsvasar Berdzor St. Ascension Church (Lachin) southern peak, at the upper valley of Dzoraget and Tonaget river. On April 25, 1996, it was renamed after Berdzor province of historical Artsakh, with population of 2150 (according to the census of 2003). Berdzor has 2 secondary schools (named after H.Galstyan and V.Zatikyan), musical, boarding and art schools, geological museum-gallery, regional hospital. There are a number of production enterprises, woodworking and metalworking workshops and a mill. Berdzor St. Ascension Church was consecrated on May 31, 1998 on the occasion of the liberation of Shushi and the suppression of the opponent’s fire point. Stepanakert and its neighborhoods came to life again. In two days the resistance of the enemy was broken. After the liberation of Shushi, hostilities took place between the NKR and Azerbaijan, and the independence of the NKR became inevitable. Shushi's military operation was a serious step for the NKR self-defense forces. It has its proper place in the history of Armenian military art. The liberation of the ancient capital of Artsakh strengthened the Armenian people's belief in victory, inflicted a moral and psychological blow to the opponent who was unable to get rid of the loser's psychology. Shushi's brilliant victory was possible thanks to selfless deeds and courageous spirit of Armenian fighters. The victorious end of the war was near. The NKR self-defense forces were given a task to open the vital important Shushi-Lachin-Goris road within a few days. On May 15, the freedom fighters liberated Lisazor and then Berdadzor sub-region on May 17. Chasing the opponent, Artsakh forces entered Berdzor (Lachin) on May 18. Thus, the blockade was broken and Artsakh joined the Republic of Armenia through land. Food, fuel, medicines and other necessary goods were transferred to Artsakh through Lachin humanitarian corridor. The "road of life" was opened and Artsakh was connected to the homeland. These victories stimulated the formation of the NKR Defense Army. Berdzor (Lachin) was liberated on May 18, 1992. On December 2, 1993, the city was populated by Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan. 

Source - Kharabakh Liberation War, 1988-1994,  Armenian Encyclopedia Publishing House, Yerevan, 2004. 

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