Aghbiur Serob (Armenian: Աղբյուր Սերոբ), Serob Pasha (Vardanyan Serob) was born in Sokhord Villiage (Khlat Province) in 1899 and was the head of national-liberation movement, Fedayeen.  He was the party member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). Avoiding the persecutions of the Turkish authorities he left his birthplace in 1891, was in Constantinople and Romania. In 1895 he returned Khlat with the group of 27 people and organized the local resistance. In 1897 he fought in Teghut and Soghord. It was impossible to stay in Khlat any more after Babshen battle that took place on October 20 in 1898 and had to move to Sasun. All the battles were successful due to the well organized palns of Aghbiur Serob. In November, 1898 Aghbiur Serob was poisoned by traitor who was bribed by Turks. But before his death he resisted Turks in Gelieguzan village being in the state of siege. His wife Sose (Sose Mayrik) was injured, his son and two brothers were killed during this collision. The head of Aghbiur Serob is buried in Church St. Karmrak in Baghesh and the body is buried in Gelieguzan village. Many songs were dedicated to Aghbiur Serob, and his deeds. 

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