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 Manukyan Aram (Hovannisyan Sargis), Aram Pasha, (born in 1879, in the village Zeyva (now David Bek village in Syunik region, according to the other version in Shushi)–29.01.1919, Yerevan), state and public figure. Party member of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF). Studied at Shusha's eparchial school, left eparchial school in Yerevan in 1901. In 1903 he transported weapons, ammunition and groups of volunteers from Kars to the Western Armenia. 1904-1908 A. Manukyan was in Van, then was a teacher in Ordu city, lived in Geneva for 2 years and returned Van in 1910. He organized and headed heroic fight of Van in April-May 1915, after which became the head of Van governorship (existed 70 days).

 During the retreat of Russian troops he organized deportation of Armenians from Vaspurakan to Eastern Armenia.  In 1916-1917 he worked in the Armenian National Council in Tiflis. Aram Manukyan played an important role in the organization of the 1st congress of the Western Armenians (May 1917, Yerevan). In 1917 as an authorized representative of the Armenian national council he arrived in Yerevan. In March, 1918 in the council of representatives of various society-classes of Yerevan he was elected as a dictator. Manukyan addressed to Armenian people with an appeal to organize fight, to have confidence in their strength, to defend the country from Turkish aggression. During the battle of Sardarapat and Bash-Aparan (May, 1918) Aram Manukyan secured the rear of the Armenian army.

 After declaration of the Republic of Armenia on May 28 (1918-1920) he headed the country till July 23, when the government of Armenia formed in Tiflis and headed by Hovhannes Katchaznouni arrived in Yerevan. In the new government Manukyan became the Minister of Interior Affairs. He died of typhus.

 Many songs were written about Aram Manukyan, streets in Yerevan and in other settlements of Armenia are named after him.



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