Arabo (Armenian: Արաբո), (Arakel, Stepanos Mkhitaryan) was born in 1863 in Kurter village (Sasun province of Bitlis). Member of the Armenian national-liberation movement and one of the first fedayees in 1880s.  He studied at Arakelots monastery school in Mush. Fought mainly in villages of Sasun and Taron. Arabo organized an armed group for self-defense. In 1892 Turkish authorities arrested him in Berdak village, sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment, but he escaped from prison and continued his activities. Starting from 1889 he visited Caucasus several times and in 1892 he participated in the first general meeting of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) party taking place in Tiflis. 

 Arabo was killed in the clashes with Kurds in Gyalisor gorge (between Khnus and Mush). Many songs were dedicated to him. 



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