Alexander Khatisyan (Armenian: Ալեքսանդր Խատիսեան) was born in Tiflis, on February 17, in 1876. Armenian public and state figure, party member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Khatisyan was a doctor. He was the brother of Gevorg and Kostandin Khatisyans. Khatisyan finished the Tbilisi State Gymnasium, studied at the Universities of Moscow and Kharkov, then in Germany.  In 1902 he was elected as a member of the City Council of Tiflis, in 1906 mayor assistant of Tiflis, 1909-1917 was a mayor, in 1914 he was the president of the Caucasian Cities Union, 1915-1917 was vice-president of Armenian National Bureau and Armenian National Council member. 1917-1918 he was elected as a mayor of Alexandrapol (now Gyumri). 

In 1918 he became the Minister of Finances of the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic, participated in the peace negotiations with Turkey in Trapizon (Trabzon) and Batumi and in RA declaration of independence (1918-1920). From November, 1918 Khatisyan was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of RA, from July 1919 till May 1920 was Prime-Minister (replaced H. Kajaznuni). In December 2, 1920 he signed the treaty of Alexandrapol on behalf of the RA government. After the establishment of Soviet power, he was exiled. He lived in Paris and continued his political activities at the Conference of Lausanne 1922-1923 as national delegation member. He wrote the memoirs "The Origin and the Development of the Republic of Armenia" (1930).


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