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 Literature in XVII-XVIII centuries. In this period a number of prominent writers worked in cultural centers of the time: in Tbilisi and in Constantinople. One of them was Naghash Hovnatan, who was a talented  painter andsinger, musician and poet. When he was invitedSayat-Nova to Georgian royal palace as royal singer and painter, he had many pupils there.

The painting traditions of Hovnatanyan school continued his generations, who created paintings of high artistic merit in following 150 years. In Naghash Hovnatan's  literary heritage there are various poems on love, feasts and urban life.

The most prominent representative of Armenian and Caucasian ashugh literature (folk literature)  is Sayat-Nova (1717-1795). He was a singer in Georgian royal palace, who last years of his life  spent in monastic cell. He was also a great poet, whose poems are generally on love. Talented poets Paghtasar Dpir and Petros Ghapantsi worked in Constantinople.

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